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Fig Night 2010/06/25


Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan

Lanie Lane

Lanie Lane
. .Shane Flew

Shane Flew

..Christina Crofts

Christian Crofts

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Tom Jordan

16 year old Tom’s first album purchase was AC/DC at which point he decided he wanted to grow his hair long and play guitar like Angus Young.

Tom's song writing career began at the tender age of 11 when he wrote a song in 6th grade class called “Going Home”. The song won him awards for original composition in the Music and Arts Talent Search Teen Writers competition in early 2005. He has just released his first album.

By 2007 Tom was touring with Guy Sebastian on his national tour playing sold out shows all over Australia. He also played a series of shows with Diesel at the Vanguard in Sydney. Other notable gigs include performing as the pre-match entertainment for a Sea Eagles home game in front of a 17,000 strong crowd, the Rip Curl Pro Music Festival at Bell’s , Layne Beachley’s annual gala charity event for the Layne Beachley Foundation with INXS and various high profile events during Australian Fashion Week 2006.

Songwriting and performing is his forte and he describes his sound as “a mixture between Jason Mraz and John Mayer. I'm happy with my sound and has a very organic/natural feel to it and isn’t the usual stereotypical 15 year old pop sound. I'm really trying to prove that I appreciate true music”.



Lanie Lane

Lanie Lane was taught the basics of the guitar by her father and brother, although is a predominantly self taught musican and vocalist. Lanie’s voice sings as it might also speak, with a vocal style that has been likened to a young Billie Holiday, Bjork, Kate Bush and Blossom Dearie. Along with a good ear, her ‘57 framus archtop jazz guitar, ‘Betty’ is her best songwriting partner.

Weaving a love of many genres into her music, Lanie Lane is meticulous with her songwriting standards whilst developing a distinctive voice that can carry many styles. She is not afraid to break through existing confinements that inhibit many songwriters today. Lanie has been focusing inspiration for her writing from the classic jazz standard sound from the 40’s and 50’s and the songwriters of old.

Lanie’s Lane's cute personality quirks such as naming her guitar, her love of free form scat, her vintage wardrobe & the glaring light she shines on a musical style almost lost to the current generation all help to paint the picture of this blossoming artist.

But it’s this Dichotomy in Lanie’s delivery which really, above all reels in the listener. Lanie sings with the elbow grease of getting the job done and the sweetness of an old time Southern Belle.  Sweet and sexy, naughty and nice, sugar and spice.





Shane Flew Trio

In the past 30 years, Shane Flew has worked with most major names in Australian music, playing drums or percussion and singing, covering all style variations; Rock & Roll, Pop, RNB, Country, Blues, Soul, Swing, Celtic, Cajun, Latin & Folk. Appearing in the country’s smallest pubs to the city’s largest stadiums and everywhere in between.

In the recording studio, Shane has played and sung on over 40 albums and performed his way through innumerable jingles and soundtracks. All this time he has been an aspiring songwriter, having had some of his tunes recorded by other artists.
After many years of touring a decision was made to work harder at his guitar playing and focus on his songwriting, with the intention of forming a solo career.

His debut solo CD, "7,000 Miles" was produced by Matt Fell and released independently in 2002. Made up of 13 original acoustic guitar based songs full of melody and harmony, in what has been described as "Rock Americana" or "Folk Rock".

Shane is now a regular contributor to the Sydney live music scene performing as a solo artist and adding musicians to the unplugged duo or trio format. He also has his five piece band, "The Cuckoo's Nest", made up of some of the very best musicians the city of Sydney has to offer.

Touring up and down the East Coast of Australia as well as the inland cities and country towns.  So far having performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Mildura Country Music Festival, Balmain Peninsula Guitar Festival, Music in the Vines at Joadja Winery, Gympie Music Muster, Southern Highlands Country Music Festival, the Freshwater Fair, Undara Country Rock & Blues Festival and the Kidgeeridge Music Festival, with more to come.

In 2006 Shane released his second album titled "Shaking Up The Mystery", showcasing 11  new original songs. Produced by Rex Goh and featuring more of Sydney`s best musicians and singers. The second CD is released on Regal Records, distributed through MGM (Australia).

At The Fig Shane will be accompanied by Dave Johnson on guitar and Lloyd Gyi on percussion.

www.shaneflew.com                              www.myspace.com/shaneflew

Christina Crofts

As one of seven children, Christina learned early in life to ‘paddle her own canoe’. Affected by music from an early age, by the time she reached her early teenage years, Christina knew her ‘passion’ was to play guitar (although it would be sometime before circumstances would allow her to really embark on this journey). She persuaded her mother to buy a cheap electric guitar and practice amp and she taught herself basic chords by playing along with her favourite records and by observing guitar players on TV. That was the extent of her playing until she met Steve Crofts, who, impressed by Christina’s natural feel and passion for guitar, offered to give her guitar lessons.

From this time on, Christina auditioned for and played in many cover and original bands over the years, and in the mid 90’s formed and fronted her own band ‘Croftstown Traffic’ – a blues/rock cover band. The band enjoyed several successful years performing in and around Sydney, including appearances on the ‘Australian Blues Festival’; ‘The Great Southern Blues & Roots’ festival and a support with legendary Aussie blues band ‘Chain’ and culminating in the release of a debut CD in January 2006 - Croftstown “Unboogie” - a track from which (Gonna Find A Way) received a Top 5 nomination in the Musicoz Awards in 2006 in the blues category.

Described by those who know her as spirited, passionate, funny and just a little reckless, these traits are readily identified in her music and when added to a wealth of life experiences there is no escaping the raw honesty and humour in her music.

Armed as always, with her artillery of ‘battled scarred old Strats, a slide she fashioned from a Tia Maria bottle, one of meanest Vox AC30’s on the planet, sassy vocals and fresh new material now available on her debut CD 'Midnight Train' - Christina has launched her solo career!



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