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Fig Night 28th October 2016

Ritchie and crew
Gail Page band

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AKoVA believes that wherever your heart is, that’s where you’ll find your treasure… and audiences all over Australia now know that AKoVA’s music comes straight from his heart.

Formerly of Triple J favorites Shoebox this multi-faceted multi-instrumentalist is one of the most unique performers in Australia. Dubbed by music media as ‘The Rhythm King’, he enthrals audiences by combining vocals, guitars, ukulele, cajon, djembe, ankle bells and an assortment of other percussive instruments (often all at once!).

AKoVA brings an inspiring vibe to every performance - whether in a café or at a festival. His quirky nature is enticing - an experience for the eyes, feet ‘n’ soul. You just cannot help but feel AKoVA‘s energy lift the whole audience… and he’s always open to a hug or a chat after a show.

AKoVA takes us on a journey that each one of us can relate to in our own way and yet defining AKoVA’s music is not easy; it’s so unique. Everything he is, everything he believes, everything he feels, is delivered through his music.

This inability to pigeon-hole AKoVA doesn’t concern fans. They’re intrigued to hear more. That’s what happened when he supported great artists Xavier Rudd and Ash Grunwald last year. Both simply wanted to hang and chat with AKoVA after playing. Afterwards Ash could only say: “This guy is sic!”

Here’s what others in the industry are saying :
“AKoVA’s welcoming vibe has a worthy place at ‘Summery’ festival gatherings universally. He’s a natural showman. Any act to get people dancing like no-one’s watching is always welcome in this crazy world.” - Forte Magazine
"Now that was a show!" - Settlers Tavern, Margaret River WA
“There’s a forgotten bridge between humanity and nature that AKoVA crosses. His music is exemplary of the kind that could be made in modern tribal society, albeit performed by one man.”
- YAK Magazine
“This music is a unique, profound and heartfelt creation.”
- Foster Gamble, THRIVE
“AKoVA’s an amazing performer. His music is not only original and fun it has real substance and meaning. I still can’t believe it’s just one guy playing all those instruments at the same time. What a showman.” - Adam Iffland 92.5FM

With extensive national community radio support AKoVA has stepped it up with his new CD, ‘This Is Me Now’ and is touring it nationally. Don’t miss out on the love when he stops to play in your town or city.


Shanty Club started in Berlin when Sydney comedian Carlo Ritchie invited a Canadian sailor and an Australian architect over for a lamb dinner. Booze was drunk, songs were sung and so much fun was had they decided to make it a weekly tradition.

Once it became too big for Ritchie’s kitchen it found a home in a local bar, and then accompanied Ritchie back to Australia where the Dock decided they were up for hosting some melodic landlubbers.

The club has struck a chord with Redfern residents and a fair portion of the university and comedy scene. Each week all and sundry bunk in together to clap, holla and fumble their way through renditions of ‘Barrett’s Privateers’, ‘Molly Malone’, ‘Spanish Ladies’, ‘Haul Away Joe’, ‘The Shores of Botany Bay’, ‘Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmates and ‘Seven Drunken Nights’.

Ritchie and his assistants – mostly local musos and comedians – take care of the verses, but once the crowd gets a handle on the chorus they just about blow the roof off the place. Who knew Monday nights could be this much fun?

Having long been embraced and loved by the Australian blues & roots fraternity Gail's career has been propelled by national television airtime via Channel 9's The Voice. Her performance of "I put a spell on you" received rave reviews from the judges, the public and her musician peers - the video clip has over 120,000 hits.

After a whirlwind few months and five powerful performances on The Voice, Gail is back doing what she does best; singing up a storm with a cookin' band and wowing audiences with her breathtaking voice.

Gail's first album, Colours that run, received 6 nominations out of a possible 7 available at the prestigious Australian Blues ”Chain” awards in 2008, and won best female vocalist, best new artist and best producer awards. 

She has played with some of Australia’s best musicians like Harry Brus, Andy Thompson, Kevin Borich, Lachlan Doley, Kirk Lorange, Mal Eastick and Mark Kennedy.

Gail has been a regular at most Blues and music festivals on the east coast having played at the Darling Harbour Jazz & Blues Festival, Manly Food & Wine Festival, Australian Blues Festival, Thredbo Blues Festival, Gosford Blues Festival, Goulburn Blues Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Sydney Blues Festival, Patonga Blues Festival, and Blues on Broadbeach Festival to name a few. 

Gail is bringing a bigger 6 piece band back to The Fig though we can't imagine how she can surpass the amazing performance at her last visit.